The Handbook

Apply Cologne Correctly

Contrary to what your girlfriend or the person at the department store will tell you, don't spray a cloud of cologne in front of you and step into it. That would be the wrong way to apply a scent. It wastes the product and it covers your carpet (and your knees) in fragrance. And no matter what your buddy claims, there's never a good reason to put cologne on your balls. Herewith, a few dos and don'ts.


Do apply to your wrists ...

Then quickly dab the sides of your neck. Some claim the heat of the "pulse points" help distribute the scent, but they're simply convenient areas where your skin is regularly exposed to the air. If you want to ensure the scent stays around, hit the back of your neck at the hairline.


Don't spray your clothes.

It prevents the oils from interacting with your skin, which helps the scent develop and change throughout the day. Plus, it could end up discoloring or staining your clothes.


Do reapply if needed.

After the afternoon slump, a small spritz of fragrance (in the bathroom, not at your desk) makes for a quick, psychological pick-me-up to invigorate you for the rest of the day and, of course, will keep you smelling good into the evening as well.


But don't
over do it.

You'll get used to the scent, but that doesn't mean it's gone. Anyone outside of a twelve-inch radius of your body really shouldn't smell anything.


Got dry skin? You might need to apply your cologne more often. Oily skin tends to hold a scent longer.