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Start your weekend off right by treating yourself to a little something. We had the Valet. team round up their favorite affordable finds—nothing over 20 bucks. Any of the following items will have you looking and feeling good while leaving you plenty of cash in your pocket.

Topman Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses,
$25 / $10 by Topman

Herbivore After Sun Aloe Spray

After sun aloe spray,
$20 / $17.99 by Herbivore

Zara Premium Joggers

Premium joggers,
$39.90 / $19.99 by Zara

H&M Resort Shirt

Resort shirt,
$12.99 by H&M

Abercrombie & Fitch Colorblock Nylon Shorts

Colorblock nylon shorts,
$48 / $18.99 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Iittala Aino Aalto Tumbler Set

Aino Aalto tumbler set,
$22 / $19.99 by Iittala

Wazoo Survival Gear Survival Pod

Survival pod,
$25 / $15.98 by Wazoo Survival Gear

Falcon French Enamel Candle

French enamel candle,
$25 / $19.99 by Falcon

Everlane Rugby Stripe Shirt

Rugby stripe shirt,
$25 / $13 by Everlane


Uniqlo Airism Polo

Airism polo,
$29.90 / $19.90 by Uniqlo

Layrite Natural Matte Cream Pomade

Natural matte cream pomade,
$18 by Layrite

Buckler's Reviving Body Wash

Reviving body wash,
$28 / $19.99 by Buckler's

Jason Markk Foam Shoe Cleaner

Foam shoe cleaner,
$17.95 by Jason Markk

J.Crew Tri-Blend Crewneck Tee

Tri-Blend crewneck tee,
$24.50 / $16.99 by J.Crew

Todd Snyder Italian Cotton Bandana Pocket Square

Italian cotton bandana pocket square,
$40 / $19 by Todd Snyder

Urban Outfitters Tie-Dye Socks

Tie-dye socks,
$10 by Urban Outfitters

West Elm Brass and Enamel Box

Brass and enamel box,
$19 by West Elm

Oxford Pennant Hustle Pennant

Hustle pennant,
$25 / $19 by Oxford Pennant

Hearth & Hand Smoke Glass Canister

Smoke glass canister,
from $3.99 by Hearth & Hand


The cost if you were to buy everything on this page. Plus tax and some shipping costs.

Strongwater Mountain Elixirs Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Old Fashioned cocktail syrup,
$19 by Strongwater Mountain Elixirs


The cost if you were to buy everything on this page. Plus tax and some shipping costs.