3 Ways
to Hang
Your TV

Why should you hang your TV? Why not? Sure, you could stick it on a media console. But when it's mounted on your wall, it looks so much more intentional. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to get rid of all those wires and cords. "It looks so much cleaner—and having a more serene environment can lead to a heap of other benefits like giving you more mental clarity, feelings of ease, the list goes on and on," says interior designer Kerry Vasquez. "Also, by hanging the TV on the wall, it frees up room below it to add more decorative and attractive elements to further create the aesthetic you're after." Herewith, three foolproof ways to mount your TV for maximum style and versatility.

Frame It

Framing your television
Framing your television

Photo by Valet.

I first started framing my television two apartments ago, when I had no choice but to place it over the living room's fireplace. There, hovering over the mantle by itself, it looked too conspicuous. Not to mention, from the side, you could notice the unsightly gap of wires and the wall-mount. So my partner and I devised a plan to make a simple frame, constructed from thin, four-by-one-inch lumber—purchased for a few bucks at the hardware store. A few miter cuts, a little sanding and a coat of stain is all it took. To make one yourself, measure how far your TV sticks out from the wall once it's mounted and look for boards that are wide enough to be nearly flush with the front of your TV.

Tuck It Into a Bookcase

Placing your television in a bookcase
Placing your television in a bookcase

Photo by Lauren Pressey for Homepolish

"I always recommend wall mounting a TV and hiding the cords in the wall whenever possible," says designer Kerry Vasquez, who created this space for Homepolish. "It helps eliminate visual clutter, creating a more serene environment." For this streamlined space, Vasquez mounted the TV and accompanying soundbar amid floating shelves and a credenza for a contemporary take on a built-in bookcase.

Create a
Gallery Wall Effect

Creating a gallery wall with your television
Creating a gallery wall with your television

Photo by Preston Konrad

Preston Konrad, a New York-based stylist and creative consultant, hung his TV on an articulated wall mount. This allows him to pull the TV out from the wall slightly, providing a layered effect over frames and other pieces of art. It's a stylish way to blend a television set into a collection of eye-catching art (which pulls focus from the TV when it's not in use). When you do want to use it, the swiveling motion of this type of wall mount comes in handy for finding that perfect angle for a long binge-watching session.

Take Care of the Cords

Datacomm TV Cable Organizer Kit
Datacomm TV Cable Organizer Kit

For homeowners

If you own your place, or are an adventurous renter, hide the cords behind the wall using a cable organizing kit. It provides power to your wall mounted TV without the added expense of installing an electrical outlet.

TV cable organizer kit,
$45 by Datacomm

D-Line Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover
D-Line Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover

For renters

If you don't want any holes in your walls, a discreet cord channel neatly tucks wires behind a paintable cover. Paint it the same shade as your walls and it all but disappears.

Raceway on-wall cord cover,
$14.99 by D-Line